You’re in control

You decide how many ION Smart Outlets you want to monitor and control, which mobile devices you want to view and control your ION Smart Outlets from, and when you want to schedule or power each of your outlets on or off. From your mobile device, you can schedule times when your ION Smart Outlet is on or off. Simply access your ION Smart Outlet app via any mobile iOS or Android device and start charting your course.


Works over any standard WiFi network – No separate hub required

Whether you’re in your home, building, at a friend’s house or across the globe, the ION Smart Outlet provides control and monitoring functions from anywhere in the world you have a data connection. The best part? No separate hub or head end equipment is required.


Effortless use

Life is hard enough – your app shouldn’t be. Via your Smart phone or table and a free and intuitive iPhone or Android app, you can effortlessly control your ION Smart Outlet. Every aspect of our app has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind – a few clicks on your mobile device, and away you go.

Available in 15A and 20A versions for residential and commercial use

Why limit your control to just your home or commercial building? With the ION Smart Outlet, you control both. The ION Smart Outlet is available in 15A or 20A versions to support residential or commercial environments and has an in-wall installation for a clean and finished look. It can be installed and wired to the existing copper wiring of a standard receptacle that is being replaced or built into a new building during construction.