Reap the Benefits

The Ion Smart Outlet allows you to realize true cost savings through affordable and scalable home and building automation, without needing to purchase a costly hub or head end device in order to use it!

One power-packed, standalone, fully functional device

All of the potent capabilities you need packed into one sleek, innovative ION Smart Outlet device. The ION Smart Outlet was expertly engineered to provide an intelligent design, innovative outlet control capabilities, ultra-easy use via your mobile device, and hubless control. The result? You have the flexibility to control your energy costs from anywhere, at any time.


Yes to both! We have developed the Ion Smart Outlet to connect directly to any standard WiFi network, without any additional equipment. This is part of what makes Ion so unique, versatile, and easy to use.
No problem. The Ion Smart Outlet will automatically reconnect to your WiFi network once your network is back up and will also be ready to control once power has been restored.
The Ion Smart Outlet will initially be available in white and ivory. However, we do plan to include other colors if the demand is high enough. Please email us with any feedback you have per additional color options.
At this time, the application is available only for IOS and Android. If demand is high enough for other platforms, we may expand the availability. Please email us with any feedback you have per additional application support.
The Ion Smart Outlet is currently being developed to meet U.S. regulations and standards. If successful, we plan on expanding production to include other markets.
No. The National Electrical Code does not allow for electrical outlets to be dimmable without specialized socket configurations that prevent the connection of non-dimmable electrical loads. If we made our outlet dimmable, you could not plug in any of your standard appliances, equipment, or lamps; this is a safety feature.
Yes! The Ion Smart Outlet is available in both standard and tamper-resistant configurations.
The Ion Smart Outlet installs just like a normal power outlet. If you are comfortable and familiar with replacing a standard power outlet, then you should have no problems installing this device. If not, we do recommend having a licensed electrician perform this work. In all cases, please make certain that the breaker is off and no voltage is present on the electrical circuit that the outlet is being connected to. Also, be sure to follow all national and local rules and regulations with regards to the installation of electrical devices. The Ion Smart Outlet will include basic installation instructions in its packaging.
Yes! Our current prototypes are already controllable through these devices and we plan on providing continued support for these services with our final product.
Absolutely! The beauty of not needing a separate hub or proprietary equipment to connect our device is that it is completely transferable. You do not need to worry about someone taking the headend equipment with them when they leave. Our outlet connects directly to any standard WiFi network. All you need to do is reset the device via the recessed button on the front face. It can then be connected to the next network as though it were brand-new.
Yes! Our current prototypes are already controllable through this wonderful service and we plan on providing continued support with our final product.
The Ion Smart Outlet is just the beginning! We plan on offering additional Ion products in the near future.
Absolutely! You can connect as many IOS and Android devices as you want to your Ion account. Once connected, you can control any of the Ion devices that are linked to your account from any of you mobile devices.
Yes! The LED on the front of the Ion Smart Outlet is fully adjustable from the mobile application. You can set the brightness of the LED for each individual device or turn it off all together.
The LED on the front of the Ion Smart Outlet is there to indicate the device’s current state (on, off, searching for WiFi, etc.) It can be disabled from the mobile application if desired.
Yes! The Ion is at least as secure as your network. All communication with the cloud is encrypted with AES-128-CBC encryption. In order to use the Ion as an entry point to your network, a malicious party would have to physically remove the device from the wall and disassemble it.