The smartest way to provide automation of any space and stop energy loss in your home or buildings

How smart is your outlet? According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in the United States alone, vampire power — or power lost through devices and appliances that are not on, but remain plugged in — costs consumers more than $3 billion per year. With the ION Smart Outlet, you can avoid the high energy costs associated with wasted outlet usage and vampire power. Control, monitor and schedule your individual outlets – from anywhere in the world –using the ION Smart Outlet (patent pending). Do it via your mobile device using standard WiFi or cellular network; no separate hub required.


Easy-to-use mobile app for complete control

The ION Smart Outlet mobile app is easy to set up and requires minimal interaction in order to perform the functions you need for any of your outlets. Your mobile app is available from anywhere in the world you have a cellular data connection or WiFi access.

It’s that easy.

Stop energy losses in their tracks

Do you know all the places in your home or buildings where energy losses and vampire energy are depleting your resources – and your wallet? With the ION Smart Outlet, you can realize true cost savings through affordable and scalable home & building automation – and take back control of your energy costs.

Take the driver’s seat

Soak it all in.

We’re pretty proud of the potent capabilities that our fully functional, standalone ION Smart Outlet devices possess, and we’re happy to share the details of our product with you – so you can get up-to-speed [and be equally impressed].

The nitty gritty

More questions?

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